Why Online Reviews not grow your business without internal ongoing Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Well, as you might know we at Clinic Evaluator (part of Examinare AB) helps Clinics to automate the Satisfaction Surveys and we get the question a lot “Why do we need internal Surveys when we have XXXX comparison site”. Well the answer are not as easy as the question are put. But here are the most important things to remember when comparing Clinic Evaluator to business comparison sites and other sites like Yelp.

Online Reviews are not necessarily real customers.

Well most of the solutions can not possibly make sure that the ones answering the fields are a customer / patient at your Clinic. The sites themselves are more interested in clicks and user content than they are of proving they have customers filling out.

The data is not structured and connected to who treated them.

The data that comes from comparison sites are not tailored to how you would interpret them. When reading an online review there is normally just a field that someone has written something, most of the time without any real connection to the real visit at your clinic. We are not saying to ignore it totally but to use it together to the internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a winner. Not only rely that others will do your work on the gathering and reading the results (Except if you use Clinic Evaluator that is).

We sign a NDA (Comparison sites does not).

Well you can feel that that is an obvious state point but for us to be enabled to help you then we need to have a good level of reliability between you and us. Therefor we always write a NDA on all customers. We offer NDA and also GDPR prepared documents that makes it easy for you to state that we are you partner and that you can rely that we will “keep quiet” about what we know.

We create the questions according to your goals and we do NOT use Templates.

In the end it is the results that is the most important in the path to grow your business, with templates that would be to try to find the path to gold without a map, flashlight or even a pair of boots. It is just a lot of guess-work that is not worth it. Instead we are a serious partner that do not use Templates and listen to what you want to grow and how fast. We help you measure and make sure you feel that you have a good partner in us.

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